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A b o u t t h e C o m m u n i t y
This community was founded on a rainy September day after realizing I had far too many icons and no where to use them at once. Now a days, whever I find spare time and find photoshop open and inspiration photographs, icons usually arise. You'll find I rarely make just holiday icons, if at all [I tend to have a short memory when it comes to things like that]. Membership is open all the time, however, for now I'll be the only one posting icons unless you ask to post and show me some of your work - don't worry, I don't bite.

Affiliates? Sure, why not, although this is a new community so ...

R u l e s
01) Don't hot link. It's really kind of annoying when you go through looking for icons and you're being yelled at by photobucket instead because everyone else was too lazy to save the icons themselves. It takes like 3 seconds to right click and save the icon to your computer and you'll save yourself from my wrath. Hiss hiss.

02) Comment. I usually create icons randomly with no theme between them. However, if I'm inspired enough or asked nicely, I'll willingly create some related icons and shove them all together in a post with a shiny red bow on top. I also appreciate any criticism and if you'd like to say you're using such and such I'll love you forever. Or at least until my memory gives out.

03) Don't edit them to credit yourself. If you find an icon in particular that fastinates you to death, but you hate the text, don't simply edit it and claim it as your own. You wouldn't take a child, dress it up and call it yours, so leave my children alone. If you want the icon another way, I welcome you to find the picture yourself and edit the heck out of it.

04) Respect my subjects. There's a reason this communty is called stocked up. And that reason: I only deal with stock photography. Some people might not get that concept so let me lay it out for you. Celebrities are boring. There's only so many different times I can see the same picture of a celebrity with different lighting or text before I gag and turn off my computer. Stock photos, however, can be of several different every day objects, places, seasons, etc. They're ever changing.

05) Enjoy. Dammet.

[ Layout Credit ] -- minty_peach